We specialise in fruit tree and ornamental roostocks.  Ordering opens in March of each year and the dispatch period runs from July to end of September.

   All our roostocks are propagated onsite and are fully cold hardy. We are not a reseller.

  Our minimum order is 10 per variety per grade.  Rootstocks are priced according to size, the quantity increment being ordered and also the difficulty in propagation.

  Please see our roostock size chart below each rootstock category to give you an indication of the mature height of your tree.

  We offer two sizes of rootstock; grafting grade which can be bench grafted as soon as they're received and liner grade which can be grown in in containers or in the ground
for chip budding in summer of field grafting the following winter.

  We are happy to now offer scionwood (grafting wood) for Eating and Cooking Apples, Cider Apples, Quince, Medlar and Sour Cherries.  Please see the Scionwood/Grafting Wood area of our website.

   Please feel free to email regarding any queries you might have regarding rootstocks and grafting.  We happy to assist you if we can.  If you're new to grafting and would like a sample graft placed in your order please let us know.


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